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About the origin of this mountain race, there are two theories. The first one assumes that the Leonberger comes from Tibetan Danes, known for centuries in Central and Eastern Alps. The fact is that around 1625 there was in Austria a kennel corresponding to today's model of the breed, belonging to Prince Metternich. The second theory is that the first Leonberger was born in 1846 r. thanks to efforts of well-known breeder from German small town Leonberg (Baden-Wurttemberg), which from the breed has a name. The breeder, wanted to create in honor of his hometown (Leonberg-lion's mountain) fawn dog breed, whose hair would look like lion's coat. He crossed the St. Bernard with Newfoundland. This theory is impobable because the town has been famous from dogs market long before this breeder was born.

Leonberger is a gentle and affectionate dog, a great protector of children, which company clearly he is looking for. A high growth predestined this breed to a life outside, especially that this mountain dog needs a lot of space and does not tolerate restrictions of urban life. Leonberger is considered for working breed. He is a large, strong dog with a muscular body and a rather narrow head, with a greater depth than width. He has dark, intelligent eyes and black nose. Ears large, rounded, are set high and fall along the head. Has a strong neck, strong loin and a deep chest. Front legs, with lots of coat behind, completely straight, back legs are characterized by extremely strong, musculated thighs. Tail heavily feathered. Coat medium soft to hard, fairly long, smooth or gently curly forms a beautiful ruff on the neck and chest. Colour allows all shades of fawn color, possibly with a black overlay and black mask. Meets the sand coat with black overlay. No mask is acceptable, although undesirable. A small star on his breast, as well as lighter or white coat your fingers, are tolerated. However, bright eyes, twisted hair, curled tail, and a brown nose is not acceptable.

height: dogs 72-80cm, females 65-75cm, body weight: 60-80 kg

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