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13th August 2017 – Esimena in Zakopane got the last papers to become Interchampion. She is the third dog of mine with this title. Little Greys also did very well and became The Best Puppy.


6th August 2017 – Enter is successful in Litwa. He became the Champion and got another CACIB. There is only time needed for him to become Interchampion.


16th July 2017 – Esimena and Greys in a show in Piotrków Trybunalski. They did very well. Meanwhile Esi's another daughter did very well in Norway.


9th July 2017 – A successful show of Grethen in Norway.


8th July 2017 – Enter wad checked for LEMP.


2nd July 2017 – Grethan takes part in shows.


2nd July 2017 – Enter is successful in another show.


24th June 2017 – Successful shows of Fortan.


24th June 2017 – Another news from Norway. Grethen was on a show and got great marks.


10th June 2017 – Evita in Hungary for the first time. She did very well. Congratulations to Anita and Adrian.


3rd June 2017 – Our debut. Little Greys took part in a show a d got great marks. I'm very proud.


28th May 2017 – Another successful show of Fortan in Switzerland.


28th May 2017 – Great news. 4-month-old Grethen went to her hoe in Norway and took part in two shows. She did wery well. I keep my fingers crossed for next shows.


21st May 2017 – Fortan in Austria in a winner. Congratulations to Lilly and Geri.


14th May 2017 – Enter in the Intermational show in Łodź.


1st May 2017 – In Germaney in the city of Leonberg Fortan got the second proze and a great description. Congratulations to Lilly and Geri.


9th April 2017 – Evita in Zabrze became a Polish Champion.


7th April 2017 – Another dog has been checked for sysplasia and polineuripatia.


9th February 2017 – My beloved Ariadna passed away at the age of 6,5.


24th January 2017 – We have puppies - 2 bitches and 3 dogs. They are all healthy.


10th December 2016 – A great end of the year for 'E'. Evita and Estelle did a great job in Lublin. There were also Marco and Molly (my Atibos's children).


4th December 2016 – 'E' is 2 years old today. Enter in Świebodzice did everything to became Champion of Poland.


2nd October 2016 – Very successful shows of 'E'. Enter and Esimena in Serbia became Champions. Evita starter her Campion in Poland. Comgratulations to all owners.


11th September 2016 – Esi in Croatia started another Championship.


21st August 2016 – Another successful show of Esi. In Bratislava she got Mł.Ch.Sł. There was also Enter who got great marks and started Ch.Sł. Congratulations to Sławek and Grażyna from Amore Cordi.


27th July 2016 – I cimbined my holiday with the shows. In two weeks me and Esi were in Montenegro, Kosovo and Macedonia. Esi was very successful and got 6xCAC, 4xCACIB, 2xrec.CACIB, 2xBOB, 2xBOS i 1xBOG III. We were tired but very happy.


26th June 2016 – 2 successful shows of Charlotte in Szczecin.


19th June 2016 – The first and very successful show of Fortan in Switzerland.


18th June 2016 – 2 successful shows in Kraków. Esi got CACIB, BOB i BOS.


12th June 2016 – Esi was in the show with 5 and 6-year-old dogs. She did a great job and got many prozes. I'm very proud. There was also Evrest. They both started the Champion of Slovakia.


5th June 2016 – Another successful show of Enter.


28th May 2016 – Another successful show of Esi and Enter in Leszno.


23rd May 2016 – My beloved Kiara (HALIMA) is 8 years old. She started my adventure with the breed.


21st May 2016 – A show in Cyzówka. Many successes of Esi, Estell and Eliot. Bravo to Konrad and Ewa.


2nd May 2016 – Great time among friends and my dogs. Thanks to Grażyna, Agata, Sławek and Tomek for the opportunity to see the dogs. It is important for me to do this.


24th April 2016 – A great success o Enter in Opole. Congratulations to Grażyna and Sławek.


17th April 2016 – Esi became Ch.MD and started Inter Champion.


10th April 2016 – Another successful show of my puppies from 'E'.


1st March 2016 – We have puppies - one male and one female.


19th February 2016 – the worst moment for a breeder to see that one of his dogs is suffering from maltreatment. Such thinkg happened to one of the females - Eivita. People who took her made a good impression on me, they were nice, with children. In December Idecided to visit them and see how they were doing. It was a shock for me to see Evita with a chain around her neck, next to a dirty bowl with some disgusting food. I warned he family that if the situations happened again, I would be forced to take her. They promised to make things better. After some time I decided to visit them again. Nothing changed. Evita came to me and her eyes said: "please, take me away from here". I took her without any problems.

She is now with Agata and Tomasz. They already have one dog - Durango Dil Ka Rishta. I'm very grateful to them. I believe that now Evita has finally found her true home where she can run and play with other dogs and a cat.

Everybody who wants to have a dog not only from my kennel but in general, please remember that these dogs are not meant to be kept on a chain or in a shelter.


31th January 2016 – Esi on the show in Sosnowiec gets BOB.


25th January 2016 – Altea is pregnant. We will have puppies in the beginning of March. The father of the puppies is ENJOY BIG BROTHER Ginger Heaven.


17th January 2016 – The beginning os a New show season. An international show of Esi and Evrest.


9th January 2016 – Esi got the results - she is free of displasia (HD-A, ED-0/0).


12th December 2015 – Another success of Estelle.


6th December 2015 – A successful day for Esi in Germany. She presented very well and Got a great discription. She started her way to become the Champion of Germany. The show season ended for Esimena.

6x the best young puppy

6x the best puppy

14x graded very promising with the first location

9x JBOB and CAJC

6x the best junior in the rase

2x BOS 9x graded perfect with the first location

3x graded perfect with the secondo location

2x BOB


28-29th November 2015 – Two-day show in Slovakia. Wsi and Evrest started their way to become Champions of Slovakia.


21th November 2015 – A show in Kielce. I met Eliot with his owner. He is a beautiful dog. I also met Estelle with her owners. I had a great time. Thank you all!


17th November 2015 – Esimena is the Junior Champion of Croatia.


18th October 2015 – A successful show of Esimena and Darminia.


11th October 2015 – Another successful show (Esimena). She beat a three years older champion.


4th October 2015 – Another successful show (Esimena).


27th September 2015 – International show in Wrocław (Esimena and Enter).


26th September 2015 – Abigail had my Atibos's puppies.


10-13th September 2015 – A show in Croatia. Esi became the Junior Champion of Croatia.


6th September 2015 – A great day for Estelle. She began her Junior Championship.


4th September 2015 – Esi Got DNA results.


22-23th August 2015 – A show in Bratysława. We met Evrest. He is the first in my kennel to have the Junior Championship of Slovakia.


9th August 2015 – A successful show despite boiling hot weather.


26th July 2015 – A successful show in Częstochowa. We met Esi's brother - Enter. Thank you everybody for a great time.


4-5th July 2015 – A successful weekend in Bielsko-Biała.


28th June 2015 – I presented my dogs on the meeting organized by ZKwP in Mikołów.


20th June 2015 – Another successful show Of Esi and Darminia in Kraków.


7th June 2015 – The show in Racibórz. Esi beat a puppy 3 months older than her.


5th June 2015 – The first show of Evrest in Slovakia. He got a beautiful description.


27th May 2015 – Esi got the results from Switzerland about the polineuropathy.


23th May 2015 – I went to Rzeszów for the international dog show. I took Esi with me. I met there Carmen and Estelle. They all Got great descriptions.


10th May 2015 – A successful show of Darminia, Doroka and Esi in Rybnik.


19th April 2015 – A successful day for puppies E. Thank you Ewa and Andrzej for presenting the dogs.


12th April 2015 – The day was very successful. Esimena was on her first show in Zabrze. She received a beautiful description. Also Darminia was successful - she got BOB.


15th February 2015 – After 4, 5 years I decided to keep one puppy after Altra and Maximus. The choice wasn't easy but I decided to keep Esimena. Time will tell if the choice was good :)


8th February 2015 – All the pup pies have new homes.


1st February 2015 – Some of our puppies left the kennel and have new homes. We wish them all the best. We still have two beautiful females. They have strong Hades, dark mask and seems to be successful in the future.


18th January 2015 – The first show of Darminia.


11th January 2015 – Our bitch Darminia got the results from the Institute in Berno. Another dog in our kennel with a great result LPN1-2N/N.


7th December 2014 – Today I got wonderful news from Genetics Institute in Berno. Altea got results of the tests for polineuropathy. They are great - LPN1-2N/N.


4th December 2014 – We have puppies - 4 bitches and 3 dogs. They are all healthy and strong.


23rd - 24th August 2014 – After almost a year break from showing Aria at dog shows I decided to go to Germany. I wanted to check what other great judges from Germany think of Aria. Judging there is diffrent from judging in Poland. The judge very carefully checks the dog - its psyche, personality, movement and patience. While preparing the description the judge observes all dogs at the ring. Aria did a great job getting a beautiful description and high ranks.


2nd August 2014 – Another successful show. This time we went for an international show to Zakopane where I took Darminia and Altea. They both did a great job getting championships.


27th July 2014 – This time we went for a show to Będzin where we met Doroka, who came with Milan from The Czech Republic, and their dad, Maximus. The show was very successful despite very hot weather.


7th July 2014 – This time we went for a show to Ustroń. It was very hot but Darminia did a great job. She won. After compering her with a dog she also won. She began her way to get Junior Championship.


22nd June 2014 – A debut of our puppy in The Czech Republic. Doroka got a very beautiful description. It was the first show of Milan and Doroka /Teo/. Well done!


16th June 2014 – A successful show of Darminia in Crocow. She had a lot of competitors but she did a great job.


5th June 2014 – The update of photos of Litter D.


6th April 2014 Today Darminia was at the dog's show in Zabrze. She won everything that was to win. The most important part was a meeting with our Bety - our Halima and Bugsy's daughter.

New photos of Darminia and Bety.

Big thanks to Hanna and Adam for the chance to see our Bety and for a nice meeting.


22nd March 2014 Another successful show of Darminia in Katowice. It was her first time in a puppy group. She received a very beautiful description.


14th March 2014 Atibos again became a happy father of a big group of leos.


1st March 2014 Darminia took part in a dog's training in The Centre of Working with a Dog SONGO.


15th February 2014 – After a successful show of Darminia in Rzeszów I had a chance to meet and see my Carmen - my Altea's daughter. She is a very promising dog - she has a dark mask which she inherited from her father Lord. She has a great personality and as her mother Altea she is very cheerful. Great thanks to Ania and Piotr for a nice meeting.

New photos of Carmen :-)


19th January 2014 – Our youngest bitch Darminia had her debut today on the show in Sosnowiec. We needn't have worried (it's a joint ownership) becauce she did a great job. She was very patient while checking the teeth. I am very proud of Darminia and Mirka, who prepared her despite the fact that she is a novice in owning big dogs.


6th October 2013 – We went for a show to Rybnik. Our Ariadne took part and got another CWC and the title of the best bitch in the breed.


3rd September 2013 – The update of photos of Litter B.


27th August 2013 – Halima gave birth to 11 puppies (4 bitches and 7 dogs). They all feel good and are strong. The father of our puppies is, for the first time, Maximus Spratakus Amore Cordi.


17th-18th August 2013 – We went for a show to Uzhgorod where we had a wonderful time. We were surprised by one of the Uzhgorod inhabitants who came on Sunday to support us and invited us to visit her next year. Ariadne 2xCAC, 2xCACIB, 1xBOB. Maximus Spartakus Amore Cordi also went for that show. He is beginning to take part in foreign shows with great results. On Sunday Ariadne had a chance to compete with Maximus for BOB.


12th August 2013 – Today I got photos of Charlotta which is our Altea's daughter. She is now 6 months old. Thank you for the photos because it's very nice to see how the puppies grow.



3rd August 2013 – Ursus, our Atibos's son, achieved JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIP of Poland. Congratulations Agnieszka and Henryk.


24th July 2013 – Today we found out that our Halima is pregnant. The father of the puppie is, for the first time, MAXIMUS SPARTAKUS Amore Cordi. He is a beautiful dog with strong build, beautiful coat and wonderful personality.


21st July 2013 – Our friends's breeding EPIGON has puppies. Atibos became a happy father of 4 dogs and 3 bitches.


20th July 2013 – Today we got wonderful news. Our Bibi won the show in Koszalin and became Junior Champion of Poland. I congratulate to Iza and wish her more successes.


6th-7th July 2013 – In the beginning I want to thank Jola Madejska from Artmedium for taking care of my Ariadne. For the first time Ariadne went for a show without me. I also thank Katarzyna and Ryszard Kobos for preparing her, showing her on the ring and bringing her safely home. Ariadne did a great job and achieved CHAMPIONSHIP of Slovakia.


30th June 2013 – Today Bibi was at the show in Szczecin where she did a great job and won. On the show our Charlotta was a novice but she also won. I congratulate to Beata for the success and I keep my fingers crossed for next ones.


1st-2nd June 2013 – We went for a show in Slovakia. We met a lot of friends from Slovakia and the Czech Republic there. Ariadne did a great job and got wonderful descriptions. At the same time in Leszno our Bibi competed at the show. She was second. We also got a message from Halina and Adam that our Bety passed the exam for PT1 getting an excellent mark. She got 195 points out of 200.


12th May 2013 – Ariadne is the second bitch in our breeding which achieved INTERCHAMPIONSHIP.


28th April 2013 – Today's show was not very successful. According to the judge dogs which won were not very well prepared (jumping on the ring) and bitches were as big as males. There were also our Atibos's children - URSUS (ex. I) and USHA (ex. 3) and their grandmother Halima with ex. II.


23rd April 2013 – Today we got photos of our Carmen at the age of 2,5 months. Thank you very much Piotr.


21st April 2013 – Another successful Bibi's show.


7th April 2013 – Another Sunday which, despite rainy weather and mud, is very successful. Ariadne got another CWC. We also met our Atibos's daughter and son. They are both very beautiful dogs with strong build which are very promising to have successes on the rings.


16th March 2013 – Today I and Halima went to Katowice for the international show. Despite her long absence from shows she did a great job. That was her day. The judge from Netherlands was impressed by her and complimented on her movement. She got another CWC, WINNER, CACIB i BOB. We also had a chance to meet our Atibos's son and Halima's grandson.


2nd March 2013 – After almost a 2-year-gap I decided to put our Halima on the show. We went to an international show to Zielona Góra. She did a great job and got another CWC, res. CACIB and thus achieved CHAMPIONSHIP of Poland. I am very proud because this is another CHAMPIONSHIP in our breeding.


2nd February 2013 – Our Altea became mum for the first time. She gave birth to two beautiful bitches.


27th January 2013 – I took Ariadne to Slovakia where she won and got another CAC and CACIB with a very beautiful description.. I hope we will be able to fulfill our dreams connected with our breeding and dogs.


26th January 2013 – The show season started very well for us. On the international show in Głogów Ariadne won beating her competitor and getting another CWC and thus achieving CHAMPIONSHIP of Poland.


Summary of the year 2012

We have the first INTERCHAMPION in our breeding. It is ALTEA Dil Ka Rishta. She became the CHAMPION of 7 countries and 2 x GRAND CHAMPION. She also got 4 x CACIB, 7 x BOB, 16 x CAC/CWC, 1 x BOG III, 3 x NswR.

Ariadne Dil Ka Risha became the CHAMPION of 9 countries and 3 x the GRAND CHAMPION. All she needs to achieve the CHAMPIONSHIP is just the lag required. Her successes are 4 x CACIB, 23 x CAC/CWC, 3 x BOB, 3 x NswR, 1 x Winner.

Both dogs are the first and so far the only MULTI CHAMPIONS in Poland with so mamy successes.

Atibos Dil Ka Rishta became the happy father of 4 dogs and 6 bitches which are novices on the rings. He became the CHAMPION of 3 countries 1 x the GRAND CHAMPION. He got 2 x CACIB, 3 x BOB i 4 x CAC/CWC.

I hope that the next year will be as successful as the previous one,or even better so that we can fulfill our dreams of perfecting our breeding.


24th December 2012 – New photos of Bunia and Baxter. Both dogs did a course "Accompanying dog" at the end of November. After the course both dogs passed the exam.


25th November 2012 – Today we got wonderful news. On the show in Bydgoszcz Bibi started her junior championship. We are very proud. We congratulate to Izabela on her another success.


13th October 2012 – Altea became the first INTERCHAMPION in our breeding. That day was also successful for Ariadne - she got Championship of Georgia ang Bulgaria.


7th October 2012 – next CWC in Rybnik for Ariadne. We also met puppies (1 male, 3 females) after our Atibos, who were brave during their debut even the rain. All puppies received very promising notes. Congratulations to new owners next successes.


23rd September 2012 – little Bibi was shown on the beautiful Leonberger’s show, from where comes this wonderful breed. Between strong competition, and it was not so small – there were 31 Leonbergers, our little girl went wonderful. Everything thanks to hard work of Mrs. Iza in preparation. In the same time, dog show in Wrocław took place, where Bibi’s sister took part – Bounty, which did big impression among the judge. She received beautiful description and won in her class beating her competitor in comparison. To the younger sisters joined Ariadne, who also did great.


23rd September 2012 – this time we went to Serbia to present our Leonbergers and compete. As it turned out, even before entering the ring, Ariadna made a great impression among the visitors and the competitors, not to mention about the judges. She received beautiful descriptions and next championships.


15th September 2012 – next Ariadna’s success in Chorzów and beautiful description.


8th-9th September 2012 – Bibi on the show in Warszawa and her next successes.


31st August 2012 – next successful Ariadna’s show. This time in Macedonia, from where we came back with next successes and championships.


2nd August 2012 – Atibos mated Dalia Apteka Natury.


29th July 2012 – Little Bounty was for the first time shown in baby class. Congratulations, Mrs. Agata, for her success, especially because it was Your common show debut.


22nd July 2012 – next Bibi’s dog show in Koszalin.


28th June 2012 – we received result of our Halima on polineuropatia. She is healthy LPN1 N/N, where automatically whole litter A and B is healthy and free of this disease. Genetic test result.


24th June 2012 – one more time we went to Moldova, where, as always, unfortunately the road was long and tiring but when you travel in the company of wonderful people, then time runs faster. This time we took Altea and Ariadna with us. They proudly represented our kennel by winning next titles and championships. This time they competed with kennels from Finland. It was very nice to meet their beautiful dogs and sympathetic owners.

In the same time in Szczecin took part also Bibi from our kennel by winning next successes, what makes us proud. We are very happy and we congratulate to owner.


16th June 2012 – wonderful show in Kraków, where Ariadna got res-CACIB.


10th June 2012 – Racibórz. Next success of Ariadna and next CWC.


8th June 2012 – The show in Senec was very successful for our girls. Both girl started their next championship, this time in Slovakia, where they did big and positive impression, with beautiful description from Mrs. Ridarcikova. We are very proud of our girls. After the show, wonderful prize after very hot day: swimming in cold water.


3rd June 2012 – we went to Leszno, where except Ariadna and Altusia, we also met Bibi and Bahatek. Puppies did fantastic job in the ring, both by winning very promising notes with first places. Congratulations to Mr. Artur and Mr. Karol for great debut.


30th May 2012 – our ATIBOS became happy father for the first time. UZA Nasza Duma gave birth to 6 females and 4 males, all healthy.


20th May 2012 – next victory of our Ariadne, this time in Poland.


Around 30th May 2012 our ATIBOS is going to be father for the first time. His “wife” is going to be UZA Nasza Duma, we are looking forward to the birth of the puppies.


6th May 2012 – young Bibi took part in her first lucky show in baby class getting very promising note and Best Baby title. Congratulations Iza!!!


29th April 2012 – Altea got on the show in Opole an excellent note with second place. Her competitor was very beautiful bitch from Russia. In the same time, Ariadna took part in shows in Montenegro, where despite a long tiring trip and felt the heat, enabling not only to the owners, but also to the dogs, she did great. They were very difficult and tiring shows. The organizers of exhibitions didn’t stand on the top of their task: bad organization, lack of punctuality, lack of toilets for people and dogs, being rude. The reward for the hardships were beautiful views and the sound of the sea and of course the victory of our Ariadne.


22nd April 2012 – after one year pause, our Ariadna came back to the shows again. She did fantastic by winning second place with an excellent note and beautiful description.
After the show, we went to visit our small Bahatek and Brahaspati, who were our guest during absence of their owners. Also thank you very warmly for your help Mrs. Basia and Mr. Artur.


15th of April 2012 in Zabrze was an exhibition, where our Altea defeated more than a year older female. Altea got CWC.


29th of March 2012 All puppies of our kennel have already found new owners :)


30th of January 2012 Kiara became a mother for a second time and is a proud mother of litter B. We have 4 females and 4 males :)


28th of January 2012 we went for an international dog show in Głogów. Altea got second place with excellent, in competition with 2 years older female. We are happy that we could meet Bugs - a father of Altea and our litter B. Bugsy got CWC and CACIB and he became a Polish Champion.


22nd of January 2012 our Altea was shown in Będzin, first time in champion class. She got very nice critique and next CWC.


5th of November 2011 our Altea went for dog shows in Romania where she became a Romanian Champion and got another CACIB.


9th of October 2011 our baby Altusia started a way to Polish Champion title at dog show in Zabrze, winning with a 1 year older.


30th of September - 1st of October 2011 together with other breeders we went to Bulgaria. We had a very friendly companion. Altea and Atibos were showed for the first time in intermediate class, and they got excellent results. Atibos got the stud dog rights, and Altea brood bitch rights and they became Bulgarian Champions.


19th of September 2011r. Altea at dog show in Chorzów, got Junior Winner and Best Junior.


21st of August 2011 Kiara at dog show in Bratislava became a Slovakian Champion with the last necessary CAC.


7th of August 2011 with very hot weather and beautiful view of Zakopane, Kiara got another CWC, BOS and BOB.


24th of July 2011 Kiara at dog show in Będzin got second CWC in champion class.


9th of July 2011 Altea at dog show in Nowy Targ got excellent II in junior class.


3rd of July 2011 Altea at dog show in Ustroń got second Junior Winner.


25th of June 2011 Altea at dog show in Cracow got excellent II, as we could expect...


AMELIA DIL KA RISHTA achieved a big success in Belarus, becoming a Belarussian Junior Championa and Belarussian Junior Grand Champion


22nd of June 2011 our litter A is celebrating 1st birthday!


26th of April 2011 - 29th of April 2011 almost whole holidays we spent on show marathon in Bulgaria. We came back home very tired but also very happy because of the results:


26.04 Bulgaria CACIB - excellent I, JCAC, BOB (judge Georgi Hristozov - Bulgaria)

27.04 Georgia CAC - excellent I, JCAC (judge Adolfo Martinez - Spain)

28.04 Moldova CAC - excellent I, JCAC, BOB (judge Dorothea Hanlon Carrol-Irland)

29.04 Winner of the Balkans CACIB - excekkebt, JCAC (judge Ivan Dimitrov-Bulgaria)


26.04 Bulgaria CACIB - excellent I, JCAC (judge Georgi Hristozov - Bulgaria)

27.04 Georgia CAC - excellent I, JCAC, BOB (judge Adolfo Martinez - Spain)

28.04 Moldova CAC - excellent, JCAC (judge Dorothea Hanlon Carrol-Irland)

29.04 Winner of the Balkans CACIB - excellent I, JCAC, BJC, BOB (judge Ivan Dimitrov-Bulgaria)


17th of April 2011 with beautiful weather we visited a dog show in Częstochowa. Ariadna and Altea we competeing in junior class with rest of 3 older bitches. Ariadna got excellent II, and Altea 4th place. Kiara got very good the same like another bitch in the class. She got 2nd place.


10th of April 2011 our "babies" were showed in junior class for the first time on dog show in Zabrze. Atibos got 2nd place, Ariadna the same like Atibos was the youngest in her class and got 4th place, both with excellent notes.


20th of March 2011 Altea was showed in puppy class for the last time and judged by Milan Benkovsky she got very promising I. Halimka in open class got excellent, unfortunately not placed.


11th of March 2011 Bugsy Roy Arcondia at Crufts show in Birminghamm got in open class 4th place in competition of 14 dogs what gave him a title of Cruft's Reserve. Congratulations!

20th of Fabruary 2011 at International dog show in Presov our girls achieved a familiar success! Ariadna got in puppy class very promising I and won with finish girl owned by slovakian breeder. Kiara in open class got third CAC (she needs just one more to become a Slovakian Champion). There was also showed a father of Ariadna - Bugsy, who got CAC and CACIB. Our dogs were judged by Croatian Mr. Boris Spoljaric, who did a very careful critiques of each dogs.


5th of Fabruary 2011 father of our first litter A - Bugsy Roy Arcondia on dog show in Brno, in champion class got excellent I, CAC and CACIB. This way he became an International Champion. Moreover he got BOB and Cruft's qualification. Congrats to his owner! And we hope that our puppies will go the same way!:)


23rd of January 2011 we started a new show year at the slovakian dog show in Trencin, with Kiara in open class with excellent IV, in competition of 6 girls, and with Atibos for the first time in puppy class with very promising I and very nice critique.


5th of December 2010 to a small car Kia Cee'd we were able to pack 4 leons (3 "babies" and Kiara), and we went for a dog show in Nowa Ruda. In addition, joined us Bugsy and two brothers of Atibos - Argaj and Ashgan - just for fun, to see the show. We were judged by Anna Kochan again. Atibos won with Argaj, and got Best Baby. Ariadna won with Altea. Kiara was 2/5. When we came back, we got a sad news. Arni Złota Horda lived only 4 years:(

21st of November 2010 our babies went for dog show in Nitra (Slovakia), where was waiting for us father - Bugsy. Atibos won baby class with very promising note. Ariadna also. Altea because of white ends of paw fingers just promising 2/2.


17th of Novemver 2010 Altea got Best Baby in Zabrze


3rd of October 2010 Ariadna has repeated her success from last show and she won with siblings again.





26th of September 2010 at international dog show in Wrocław, our babies has great show debut.

ARGAJ DIL KA RISHTA - very promising 1 - congratulations Dominika

ATIBOS DIL KA RISHTA - very promising 2/3




2nd of September 2010 the last girl went home:



29th of August 2010 the last boy is at new home:



22th of August 2010 to the new house in Belarus went:



19th of August 2010 another girl went new home:



15th of August 2010 Bugsy - father of the puppies come to us with his owners to see the puppies. Also one puppy went new home:



11th of August 2010 2 girls left us:

AKEIVA DIL KA RISHTA - Wodzisław Śląski

ANDRA DIL KA RISTA - Passau /Germany/


31.07.2010 new puppy pictures


We have puppies!

22nd of June 2010 Kiara gave birth of 10 wonderful puppies!


24th of May 2010 we went to wet to check if Halimka is pregnant or not. Fortunately we inform that puppies will born soon!:)


16.05.2010 dog show in Częstochowa became lucky for us again. In very strong rain Halimka judged over Mr. Andrzej Kot, got in intermediate class CWC and BOS.


27.04.2010 at international dog show in Katowice, Halimka was 3/5.


23rd of April 2010 our JUHASZVARI - KEDVES HALIMA has been mated to CHCZ BUGSY ROY ARCONDIA.


28-29.11.2009r. double international dog sho in Budapest. First day Halimka won intermediate class and got CAC and CACIB. Second day she was excellent IV.


05.07.2009r. next success of Halima - she won junior class in Ustroń and became Best Junior.


14.06.2009r. Halimka won junior class again. She has already 2x Junior Winners!


05.06.2009r. in slovakian town Senec, Halima was 2nd!


19.04.2009r. at dog show in Częstochowa, our Halima won in junior class with Junior Winner and Best Junior!


At friends, slovakian kennel "KETYLAND" on 12.04.2009r. were born puppies from combination: Katja Florencie Zarické Údolí x Csalánosi-Leo Dario


05.04.2009r. we went for dog show to Ostrava with Halima. There was strong competition in junior class - 12 bitches! Our girl was the youngest. She got excellent note.


29.03.2009r. at dog show in Nitra, Arni became Slovakian Champion!


08.03.2009r. new pictures in galleries and showresults from dog show in Trencin.


16.11.2008r. JUHASZVARI-KEDVES HALIMA had a show debut at dog show in Prague, in baby class!


27.10.2008r. we have an affix "Dil Ka Rishta" what means "Heart from gold"


21.09.2008r. because of some small problems with my computer and coming Halima, our website changes design a little.


06.09.2008r. we had a special guest from Cracow - Czantoria z Bursztynówki who's been mated to Arni.


26.07.2008r. after long time of waiting, we have a new girl - Halimka from hungarian kennel.


15.06.2008r. at dog show in Racibórz we showed Arni in open class with EX 1, CWC and BOS. This way we got Polish Champion title!


08.06.2008r. we went to Slovakia again. This time we went to Nitra, to come back with excellent II and res.CAC.


06.06.2008r. we went to Slovakia, to the town called Senec, for a dog show where we got CAC and BOB.


24.05.2008r. we checked Arni's hips and elbows. He's very healthy: HD A and ED 0/0!


11.05.2008r. at dog show in Krosno, Arni won again. He got CWC, BOS and BOB. Judge: Jadwiga Niciewicz.


13.04.2008r. we were in Ostrava at national dog show in open class.


08.04.2008r. our lovely Arni is 2 years old now! Happy birthday!


30.03.2008 r. we went for dog show in Nitra where we have started Slovakian Champion title! It was the last show in intermediate class, finishes with CAC.


We wish you Happy Easter, full of hope and love, spring mood and a lot of meetings with family and friends!


09.03.2008r. with Arni and my parents we had a trip to "ZOO-SAFARI Dvur Kralove". It's a huge ZOO full of attractions


10.02.2008r. in Brno took place international dog show. There were lots of leonbergers (50). We were judged by Mrs. Libusa Ubrova with excellent note and res.CAC.


09.02.2008r. after a long and difficult way, we came to Rzeszów for international dog show, what was very lucky for us. We have one more CWC and CACIB.


13.01.2008r. at friends, kennel "Złota Horda" the puppies were born.


20.11.2007r. I start updating my website.


18.11.2007r. at dog show in Kielce, Arni got CWC with excellent note. This way he opened a Polish Champion title.


On 30.09.2007r. Arni in junior class became a stud dog.

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